Our Evangelism

Our Evangelism





The Eastside congregation is very active in attempting to spread the Gospel throughout the world. Our former evangelist, Bob Buchanon, currently makes a number of trips every year to various places around the globe, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ. Our previous evangelist, Jason Longstreth, had also traveled to South Africa, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Our current evangelists are Gary Kerr & Bob McPherson.

In addition, Eastside helps to support three additional men in the work of evangelism in the Unites States and four who are engaged in the work of evangelism abroad. There are links in the menu to the left that will take you to their individual pages. We have included some information on each family we support.




Gary Kerr


Working with us in Bowling Green

Gary and Susan Kerr began working with the Eastside congregation in November of 2008. Before moving to Bowling Green, Gary worked as an evangelist in Jackson, TN, for 23 years. Susan passed away July 18, 2019.

Gary has 3 adult married sons and eight grandchildren.

E-mail: gary.kerr@mightyisthelord.com.


 The Mcphersons


Working with us in Bowling Green

Bob and Marlene McPherson began working with us full-time on July 1, 2018. They have two sons, Zach and Andrew. Bob also serves the congregation as a deacon.

Email: bob.mcpherson@mightyisthelord.com


The Brewers


Working in Bozeman, MT

Kris and Cynthia began working full-time with the church in Huntington, WV, in April, 2005. This work began in the fall of 2004. Prior to Huntington, Kris worked with the Daugherty Street congregation in Charleston, WV, from January 2000 through March 2005. Eastside began supporting Kris in this work in the fall of 2004. Kris presented a series of lessons on the "I Am" statements of Jesus recorded in the gospel of John for our 2007 VBS. Audio files and PowerPoint presentations from this series are available here. In July 2015, the Brewers moved to Bozeman, MT, in an attempt to plant a new work there.  They have been joined by Kris' youngest brother, Justin, and his family.  Kris and Cynthia have 4 children: Jacob Wade (February 2003), Skylar Ruth (August 2005), JonDavid Hunter (November 2007), and Shella-Marie Brooke (December 2017).

Email: kris@learngodswill.com

Church's Website: http://www.gallatinvalleycoc.com


 The Lynns


Working in Huntington, WV

Chad Lynn is a former Eastside member who began working full-time with the church in Huntington in January 2007.   Chad and Kris Brewer worked together in Huntington until the Brewers moved to Bozeman, MT, in July 2015. Chad was married to the former Laura Moore on June 9, 2007.  Chad and Laura have 3 children: Elaina Beth (July 2011), Levi Anthony (April 2013), and Amber Ruth (April 2015).

Email: chad@learngodswill.com

Website: http://www.inseasonandout.com



The Buchanans


Working in South Africa

We started our fellowship with Robert in July 1994. He was recommended by Paul Williams and has proved to be a level-headed, hard-working, dependable Christian. Robert and his wife Cheryl are a tremendous couple that have been an encouragement to the Christians in the South Africa area. Robert travels to several congregations in that region spreading the gospel.

Rob was in Bowling Green and gave a report of his work in South Africa on August 9, 2015.  His presentation can be found here.


 The Corazzas


Working in Italy

Our fellowship with Stefano began in November of 1986. He began preaching in 1980, when he and his wife, Antonella, started a new congregation in Udine. He successfully trained a young man to work with him as a gospel preacher and he then moved to start a new congregation at Monfalcone. At the end of January '90 he moved to Rome.

Stepano was in Bowling Green and gave a report of his work in Rome on February 13, 2011.  His presentation can be found here.

Stefano's web page is in Italian and is located at: http://www.chiesadicristoroma.net.

The Sikats


Working in the Philippines

Our fellowship with Eliseo Sikat began in October 1990 when Bob Buchanon informed us of Eliseo's work and his finacial condition. Eliseo was a former school teacher, but Bob, Connie Adams, and others encouraged him to devote his full time to preaching the gospel back in the seventies. He had been doing some preaching since 1958. He is a great Bible student and teacher, so he is in great demand throughout the island for classes and lectureships. Eliseo divides his time among several congregations and works in training preachers wherever he goes.


 The Stephens


Working in Canada

Mike and Sherry are no strangers to us here at Eastside, since they worshipped with us while they were students at Western Kentucky University, located here in Bowling Green. We began helping in support of Mike when he began full time preaching back in January 1995. The Stephens are well loved and it is amazing to see how much their children have grown.

The Buchanons


We can not properly express in words the love we have for Bob and Delores Buchanon. Together they have been Godly mentors to what a Christian is. Bob Buchanon began working with Eastside on January 1, 1983, and continued in his capacity as the evangelist for the congregation until October 1, 2000. He remains an active member at Eastside and is devoted to preaching the Gospel throughout the country and around the world. Delores remains an active member at Eastside showing by example what a Godly woman is. Her faithful support of Bob as he travels spreading the Gospel is testimony of her love for Bob and God. Delores has accompanied Bob in some of his foreign work.