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Sharing the Good News

We tend to talk with others about those things that are of the greatest interest to us. Golfers like to talk about golf, musicians about music, and hunters about hunting.

The point here is this: Do Christians like to talk about Christ, the church, and the Bible? How committed are we about who we are and what we are? It is not necessary to be overbearing with other people in order to let them know that we are enthusiastic about the Christian life. There was a time when people spoke freely about Bible topics on the job, in their neighborhoods, and among their friends, but those occasions today are certainly becoming rarer. Some are reluctant to discuss the Bible because it is no longer fashionable to do so, some cannot discuss the Bible because of lack of knowledge, and some decline to discuss the Bible because they simply have no interest. Nevertheless, there are still many opportunities. Many would still be interested in a conversation which began with one of the following statements:

  • "I was reading my Bible last night, and I came across something I had never noticed before."
  • "Last Sunday, the preacher brought out a very interesting point in his sermon."
  • "My wife (or husband) and I found some biblical principles that have really helped our marriage."
  • "We have been through some difficult times, but our faith in God and his word have really sustained us."

A great many people still wish to know more about God and his will. Most would admit to a desire to know more about the Bible. If we are truly committed, and if we approach people in the right way, there still are many who have an open heart to a study of the scriptures.