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Scars: Their Stories

Paul had them from beatings (Acts 16:22 & II Cor. 11:24). Job, from Satan (2: 7 & 8) and the ten men from leprosy (Luke 17:11-19). Their scars were a result of standing for the truth, living a godly life, and illness. What do your scars say about you?

Paul's scars told stories of standing for a faith so strong even death was an option (Acts 21:13). Job's story was one of righteous living yet filled with questions. And the ten men told of great joy when healed (Luke 17).

Physical scares can carry emotional scars as well and then there are scars that are never visible. What type of scares do you carry? Are they debilitating? Visible or hidden? Do you question or embrace? Are they self-inflected?

Every person carries their own scar or multiples scars. Methods of coping are numerous. Paul says we are to rejoice (Romans 5:3). God told Job there were reasons beyond his understanding (38: 1 – 18) and the healed leper praised God (Luke 17:18). Can I find a way to grow, encourage others and glorify God through my scares? (I Peter 4:12- 19)

Of course, Christ is the ultimate carrier of scars. Although His scars were inflected by others, He allowed them to be made because they were a means to fulfilling His purpose. Christ's love for us and total devotion to His Father were demonstrated by scars down His back (Luke 22:63), through His hands and feet Luke 24: 30 - 40) and in His side (John 19:34).

How did HE cope with His scars? He prayed that they may never happen (Matt. 26:39). When God answered, "no," He used them to glorify God (John 17: 1-5) and demonstrate His love (Luke 22:42). Scares never completely go away however, they cease to hurt.

If my Savior, the son of my Creator, could use His scars to glorify God then I …


He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.
Psalms 147:3