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There Is a Little Church

There is a little church in your community. Its members are your neighbors. They meet in a small, unpretentious simple worship services. They plan their work for the Lord as a free and independent church operating according to their ability.

They believe the Bible is God's Word, and must be respected in practice as well as in theory. They would not bind where God has not bound: nor would they loose where God has not loosed. They are people with convictions, willing to sacrifice popularity among men rather than deny the all-sufficiency of God’s plan. They invite constructive criticism, and open studies of Gods Word. Your right to speak will be respected, by people who insist upon the right to reply.

Believing the primary purpose of Christ's church to be preparation for eternity, this little church places emphasis upon spiritual matters. It is not a social club. It does not usurp the function of civic organizations, the school, or general welfare institutions. Its members are not unmindful of their individual responsibilities in all these fields, but they strive to fill such obligations without altering the function of the Lord’s church.

Be our guests! A warm and friendly welcome awaits you. There will be no "special program," no "great things" to impress the fleshly minded, but then. NAZARETH WAS A LITTLE TOWN.