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Shame On Herodias’ Daughter

Matthew 14:6-7 says, “But when Herod’s birthday was celebrated, the daughter of Herodias danced before them and pleased Herod. Therefore he promised with an oath to give her whatever she might ask.”

John the Baptist was killed due in great part to Herod’s lust. And Herod’s lust was enflamed in great part by the dancing of the daughter of Herodias. It’s difficult to see this story otherwise.

Yet more and more I see followers of Jesus involved in such activities, or allowing — and even encouraging or facilitating — such in their children. The physical body is attractive to the opposite sex. Movement in the physical body can and often does enhance said attraction. There is absolutely no denying such. And you would think in a culture that’s so obsessed with nudity and sex that Christians would be especially conscious of any appearance or behavior that encourages lasciviousness.

But it’s commonplace to see young men and women who profess godliness wearing very revealing clothing; i.e. short shorts and skirts; cropped tops; low cut blouses; clingy, sheer, or tight shirts, dresses, and athletic gear. And wearing such shamelessly — almost defiantly — with the idea that anyone who might object is an archaic prude. Then taking their flaunted sexuality to the dance floor so that they might display themselves in the most sensual of ways. It happens regularly. It happens extensively. And we’re often scared to address it because of the brazen ridicule that’s directed at anyone who would decry such carnality.

I’m saying it. Think what you will. Shame on Herodias’ daughter. Shame on Herod. Shame on us. Holiness demands more than such animal behavior.