Fall Gospel Meeting (2018)

Fall Gospel Meeting (2018)

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Eastside's 2018 fall gospel meeting will be August 26th - 30th.  Alan Yeater of the Cason Lane Church of Christ in Murfreesboro, Tennessee will be presenting the lessons.  The theme of the meeting is "Countering the Culture".  Audio recordings of the lessons can be found under the SERMONS link at the top of the website.  Click here to download a printable flyer in pdf form. 



  • Sun. 9:30 am  -- “Before I Say I DO!”
  • Sun. 10:25 am  -- “Resolutions of Men”
  • Sun. 5:00 pm  -- “A Parent’s Treasure”
  • Mon. 7:00 pm  -- “Dinosaurs: In the Beginning”
  • Tue. 7:00 pm  -- “Captivated by Media”
  • Wed. 7:00 pm -- "Jesus of Nazareth”
  • Thu. 7:00 pm  -- “Countering the Culture of Prejudice”