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Lessons From History

History tends to repeat over and over until there are only those left who have not lived it or studied the historical record in order to learn from the events of the past. The Israelites were in this group and repeated the same mistakes over and over. For those old enough to have lived thru the horrible divisions in the Lord's church of the 1960's and those who have taken the time to look back at the historical record of those days when families were divided, best friends no longer spoke to one another, we learn that the reputation of the church was greatly damaged in the eyes of the world, great harm was done that took decades to overcome.

And it all began as people wanted to "do things a little differently." History shows that about every 40 years people want to try "something a little different." That is how instrumental music came to be introduced into the worship service, first a piano, an organ, all the way to a rock band.

The institutional movement of the 1960s brought discussions and debates about how to use the Lord's money. The debates were about how to apply the scriptures as they relate to this subject. The providing of funds for "church schools" and homes for the fatherless, and then into many other areas that the people of that day could never have imagined — coffee shops, donuts at services, etc. — until these churches have nothing more than a social gathering for the pleasure of the members. It all started by "doing things a little differently."

My wife and I attended the West Islip church of Christ, on Long Island while in the military. Today they boast of being lead by a gifted group of shepherds known as the Council, made up of 9 people, 4 of whom are women. That is doing things a little differently.

And now about 40 years later another New Movement comes down the road, and this one also wants "do things a little different." Having not learned from history the "current movement" lays claim to being more like the early church than others, non-denominational, non-traditional, and different. It has been revealed in the public record that in "doing things a little different," the groups associated with this movement have already followed in the tradition of the "institutional movement" of the 60's by making:

  1. Donations to human institutions;
  2. By joining with a group of denominational churches to provide social services.

When God's word is not followed, "things are always done differently." Remember Jeroboam in 1 Kings 12:28.

We plead with all to establish God's word as the sole authority in all we do!