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The One Who Loved You Enough

Can you remember who it was that taught you the gospel? Maybe it was a friend or neighbor. Perhaps it was a co-worker. For many of us it was our parents. No matter who it was, there's something we know about them for sure — they loved you! They loved you enough to teach you the saving gospel of Christ.

Think about it for a minute. It would have been easier for your teacher (whoever it was) to simply keep quiet. It requires effort to teach others. You have to know the truth yourself. That means you have to spend the time to study and learn. Then, you have to be willing to speak up, to invest the time to teach, to expose yourself to the possibility of rejection. And, not a few have had to withstand the unpleasantness of being ridiculed for what they have taught.

Why did they do it? What motivated them into action? The answer is simple — they loved you! They loved your eternal soul, and they were willing to do the work of teaching you because they did not want to see your soul lost forever in hell.

Now, what will you do? You have learned about the salvation that is in Christ. You have benefited from this knowledge in obeying the truth. Your sins are forgiven. You have the hope of heaven when you die. You have all the spiritual blessings that are in Christ Jesus.

Are you going to stop the chain of loving concern? Are you going to refuse to do for others as was done for you? If you do not teach the gospel to others, you are, in effect, saying that you don't love them enough. You are showing that you are unwilling to make the effort, to go to the trouble, to speak up to save them. Is it possible that you don't love them like you should?

Someone loved you. They loved you enough to teach you. Won't you show that same love to others? Think!