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Thoughts about Abortion

Genesis 9:6 "Whoever sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed. For in the image of God he made man."

Last week the governor of New York signed a new abortion bill for the state. Now abortions are legal up to the due date of delivery. That means a nine month old baby can be put to death. Our first child was born on his due date. In NY, that child could be aborted legally. And, worse, as cameras showed the governor signing the bill, those gathered around him cheered and applauded as if they had won free tickets to Disney. I expect tears were flowing in Heaven. This is where atheism and evolution intersect with extreme liberal politics. What an ugly combination they make.

Now, some thoughts:

First, these innocent souls are not forgotten by Heaven. The aborted bodies may be tossed in the trash, but their pure souls are filling Heaven. God knows. From Heaven's side of things, those innocent and pure souls were never touched by sin. They never blasphemed the Lord's name. They never had a blemish on them. They will be eternally safe and those heartless lawmakers who passed this bill have a strong chance of never seeing what they will see. Not all is lost. The souls of those babies are saved.

Second, there is no depth to wickedness and shamefulness. The argument that abortion is a woman's choice and the baby is a part of her body is not only ridiculously stupid, but it shows ignorance in biology, common sense and decency. The baby can be a different sex, blood type, eye color and hair color from the mother. It has it's own unique finger prints. The mother is merely the carrier of this child. Her choice ended long before this when she climbed into bed with someone to have sex. That's where the choice begins.

Now, like the same-sex movement, this isn't the end. You don't hear about same-sex marriage in the news anymore. That movement has moved on. Transgender is where it's parked today. But once that's accepted, they will move on. The same with abortion. What's next? Clean out the nursing homes and put those old folks to death? Once respect and reverence for any part of life is missing, all of life is at stake.

Behind this isn't liberal theology or brainless politicians, but Satan. He was dancing and smiling with the governor and his crowd. Don't be surprised how ungodly ungodliness can get. Don't be surprised when people without principles, morals or heart get in charge and make rules for the rest. Sin can sink very deeply and very far.

Third, God knows and God is aware. There are people who are responsible for this. Judgment comes. There are consequences to all the choices we make in life. Throughout time, the people of God have been oppressed, harassed, abused, punished and persecuted. They were slaves in Egypt. They were captives in Babylon. They were hunted down by the Romans. Pharaoh killed babies. Herod killed babies. Laws have been made to stop the spread of the Gospel. It never works. People have tried to destroy Bibles. They always fail. What liberals, atheists and those without heart fail to realize is that they may have size, voice and power, but so did Goliath. What disciples have is God on their side. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. Who will separate us from the love of Christ is what Paul asked in Romans. Sadly, there will be mothers who end their pregnancy by abortion. They could opt to adopt those children, but they won't. There will be medical staff who will gladly do the procedures that ends the life of those babies. Money will be exchanged and everyone will go on as if nothing happened. But something did happen. A life, as our verse today reminds us, made in the image of God was stopped. There are all kinds of moral, emotional and mental consequences that follow an abortion. Several years ago, I had my gall bladder removed. I don't ever think about that gall bladder. I don't miss it. But a child is not a gall bladder. You feel that child inside of you. It changes you. Every child you see after that makes you wonder if that's what your child would have looked like. There is no reversing an abortion. Once it's done, it's permanent.

Fourth, the overwhelming stats reveal that it's single women who get the most abortions. Rather than putting an end to the consequences of fornication, why not address the front end of the problem. People need Jesus. People need direction and guidance. Wrong choices, bad influences have led to having sexual relations with someone you are not married to. Young and in school. Young and early in your career. A baby messes those things up. Should have thought about that before you took your clothes off. All sin comes with consequences. An abortion is a way to make it all go away, but it never does. God knows. A life was taken. More sins were added by more people.

Years ago, my wife became pregnant with our third child. I was a young preacher making very little money. We lived in a small house and things were tight. We hadn't planned on this. I didn't know how we were going to afford the hospital bill. I didn't know what we were going to do. Abortion was never considered. My sweet grandmother passed away a few months before the delivery. I received an inheritance that covered the medical and hospital bill for the delivery. God provided. That child today preaches. He is amazing as all my kids are in their own way. Through his work, already hundreds of lives have been touched by the Gospel he preaches. None of that would have happened, had his life been aborted. Through his family now, two young boys from Korea have been adopted. Their lives have been changed forever because of that. Do you see the thread running through all of this? One life touches so many. One life can make such a difference. One life can influence hundreds. But that chain is broken when a selfish person decides that they do not want a baby that has been started within them.

Someday all of this will be over. The righteous and the wicked will be separated. We will be out of this crazy place and the wicked will find out what a terrible, terrible mistake that they have made with their lives. Selfish and living without God, is a dead end street that points to Hell.

Governments have made wrong decisions and laws for a long time. We rejoice that we live in a time when such people can be voted out and even if they aren't, the God of Heaven rules. He always does!