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The song leader read the passage that encouraged us to praise the Lord in song and then instructed us to, "pay attention to the words."

Yet… The man sitting two rows in front was staring into space, then looking around the room — never a note sung.

"Pray without ceasing," Paul instructs in I Thessalonians 5:17 and the gentleman at the front says, "Please bow with me while we pray."

Yet… To the right was a woman making faces at a child, seeking a laugh or smile and to the left another was using her thumbs to quickly send a message on her phone.

Mark 4:24 warns to, "pay attention to what you hear," which applies to the word of God being spoken during a sermon.

Yet… the man behind me broke my concentration by talking to his wife while God's word was being read and taught.

The book of Nehemiah tells of the Israelites standing when Ezra read from God's scroll.

Yet… while sitting in comfortable, padded pews, the time was being checked on watches and phones, demonstrating disrespect for the holy words.

Jesus commands us to remember Him through the taking of the Lord's Supper … His death and sacrifice for MY sins.

Yet… some around could NOT have been remembering because they were busy with other things … a precious sacrifice forgotten.

Agrippa said, "Almost you persuade me to be a Christian," and so was I …

Yet… during the invitation three in front were preparing to leave and while the song was being sung two left the auditorium just to return moments later.

I came to worship my Lord.
I came to hear His word.
I came to reflect on my relationship with Him.
I came to be persuaded to serve.
Yet… I was distracted.

Pray that we are never part of any distraction.