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This Little Light of Mine

I'm going to let it shine
Let it shine, let it shine,
ALL the time.

Many of us have sung this song all our lives, not remembering a time we did not. We think of it only as a children's song to be sung during Bible classes and VBS. However, as adults shouldn't we also let our little light shine?

The impact of these words was "brought to light" (sorry for the pun) June 6th during Eastside's VBS. As Gary Kerr was beginning the song section for the evening we were plunged into darkness. A precious little one boldly stated, "the devil didn't stop us." NO, he did not! We sang, and with the help of volunteers lighting the way, children were led to their classes. Following lessons from God's word in rooms lit with cellphones, the children returned to the auditorium for a period of question and answer and singing. From the front of the building a small voice broke through the darkness and asked, "Can we sing, 'This Little Light of Mine?'" And we did – oh how we sang! Little fingers were held high, demonstrating their shinning lights, as adults held lights from cellphones. Together each little light joined to cut through Satan's snare of darkness, Ephesians 6:12.

One little light shining to the glory of God can make a difference in a world of darkness but oh my — what an impact we make when the little lights blend into a united larger one.

Lesson to be learned from June 6th.

  • Those with lights led the way for those in darkness, John 8:12.
  • Become as little children. Even the smallest ones recognized the relationship of "this little light of mine" to the darkens around us, Matthew 18:3.
  • One light — shining alone can break through the darkest of situations. The darker it is, the stronger the light, John 1:5.
  • Light will always replace darkness, but darkness cannot destroy light, Ephesians 5:8.
  • The only source of true light is my Father in Heaven, I John 1:5.

Go into the dark world and let your light shine — take other lights with you and shine even brighter, Matthew 5:14.