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Kiss the Son and Betray Him or Kiss the Son and Revere Him

Torches light the way through the Kidron Valley as soldiers and officers angrily approach Jesus of Nazareth. One of the chosen twelve steps from the group and greets his friend with a kiss (John 18:1-11). He approaches as one very familiar with Christ using the sign of brotherly love to identify his teacher to the authorities (I Cor. 16:20). How hypocritical of Judas: a demonstration of respect which will lead to murder. This is just another form of torture Christ has to endure although He knows the prophecy is going to be fulfilled (Prov. 27:6 & Psa. 41:9). The follower's betrayal brings with it the ultimate Roman sentence of beating and death (John 16: 27-36). Sin, requiring the perfect sacrifice (Rom. 3:25). We are swift to pass judgment on Judas for his kiss of betrayal (I John 2:1-29). What about mine?

Buried in baptism, words of commitment, regular church attendance — kisses for the Son. Yet, the lack of study, a weak prayer life, a lying tongue — oh the list can go on and on. My betrayal, hurting the One who sacrificed it all for me. Jesus hung on the cross for my sins as I hang onto excuses and minimal service. How often do I kiss the Son and betray Him?

As Jesus sits on the floor dinning with His disciples, the young woman slowly slips behind Him. Bending low the sinful woman of the city washes His feet with her sorrowful tears. Wiping the dirt away with her long, dark hair, she repeatedly kisses His calloused feet. A look of disapproval is not a deterrent (Luke 7:36-50). The Pharisee, and probably others in attendance, know of her public sins. Humbled by her sinful state, she has much for which to be forgiven. Jesus recognizes her pure heart and determination to serve and thus forgives her sins.

How often do I kiss the Son and revere Him? Sharing Christ's word with others, placing my Savior above all else, diligently seeking His truths — exalting the One who set me free from sin (Rom. 6:18). Do I reflect Christ in my life: in my actions, thoughts, words (II Cor. 3:18)? Kiss the Son and Betray Him or Kiss the Son and Revere Him.