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We Have an Amazing Story to Tell

(from Moses and Old Testament Law)

Exodus 18

Notice the topics Moses and Jethro discussed in Exodus 18. They first asked how each other were doing (18:7), much like we would today when we see friends we haven't seen in years. Then Moses told Jethro three things: the miracles of God with the Egyptians, the hardships of travel, and God's deliverance. Jethro's response was one of praise and worship to God for all that He had done for Moses and the people. Moses gave God the credit and pointed to Him in front of his family. It is very encouraging to see family members talk about how great the Lord is, but of course, Moses told Jethro these things because what God did was incredible! We, like Moses, have an incredible story to tell – one that is much more amazing than that of the exodus. God has delivered His people from the bondage of sin! We need to be excited to tell our physical families, spiritual families, and friends about the amazing story of God delivering us from sin and the life we can now live in Christ.

  • Tell me the old, old story
    Of unseen things above,
    Of Jesus and His glory,
    Of Jesus and His love.
    Tell me the story simply,
    As to a little child;
    For I am weak and weary,
    And helpless and defiled.

    Tell me the story slowly,
    That I may take it in -
    That wonderful redemption,
    God's remedy for sin.
    Tell me the story often,
    For I forget so soon;
    The early dew of morning
    Has passed away at noon

The words to the hymn, "Tell Me the Old, Old Story" were written as a poem by Katherine Hankey, in 1866, while she was recovering from a serious illness in London. It was set to music by George Washington Doane, who was impressed by the poem when it was recited by Major General David Russell in 1867.