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Little Things

One of the intriguing stories of the book of Judges is the death of Abimelech, He murdered his rival brothers at Shechem and ruled Israel for three years. He got his just deserts when, while seeking to expand his dominion, he was killed by a woman at the city of Thebes.

The city had just been defeated by Abimelech and his troops; the remaining citizens, men and women, gathered in the city watchtower, seeking refuge from Abimelech and his warriors. The army surrounded the tower and was positioned to burn it and destroy all its fear-stricken residents. A woman spied a millstone nearby, picked it up, dropped it from the tower, and it struck Abimilech on the head and crushed his skull.

Abimelech remained conscious long enough to call on a fellow soldier to finish him off so it would not be said, "A woman slew him" (Judg. 9:54). When Abimelech's marauding army saw their general was dead, each man departed for his own home. "Thus God," by a woman who had little prowess as a soldier, "requited the wickedness of Abimelech " (Judg. 9:56).

The same God killed a nine-foot giant with a single rock from a sling wielded by a small lad whose only professional training was watching sheep. He also used a man with a stammering tongue to lead his people from bondage in Egypt, organize them into a mighty nation, and lead them to their land of promise. This God, Jehovah, warns us through His prophet that we must not "despise the day of small things" (Zech. 4:1 0).

The simplest of deeds that show interest and concern; the least eloquent words that express love and care; the sparsest of talent directed toward a desperate person; a smile and a handshake or a warm hug at the right moment; any of these, all of these, or a thousand other tiny deeds can affect great results when our love or service for God is behind them. No limits can be set on God, His providence, and His use of men in accomplishing His purposes on earth.

Jehovah, our God and Father, does not demand powerful and moving sermons, flamboyant and ornate displays of service, educated and magnetic personalities, or talented and important people. God needs men and women of faith, of hope, of love, and of prayer; disciples who are moved with passion to serve at every opportunity; Christians who regardless of their talent respect God's will, seek to follow it, and labor to share themselves and His will with others. Large or small, big or little, brethren — plant and water and leave the results to God (1 Cor. 3:5-9).