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Realized Eschatology is Realized Apostasy

Realized Eschatology, also known as the A.D. 70 Doctrine, Covenant Eschatology, and Transmillennialism, was popularized among our brethren by Max King in the early 1970s. Unlike traditional premillennial dogma, Realized Eschatology sees Christ's millennial reign exclusively in a first-century context. According to this teaching, the 40 year period of A.D. 30-70 was transitional, a period of time in which all of the end time prophecies about Christ's second coming were fulfilled.

"We are now in that world 'which is to come' … instead of being in last days we are in eternal days world without end (Eph. 3:21)." (The Spirit of Prophecy, Max King, p.81).

This doctrine teaches that "out of the decay of Judaism arose the spiritual body of Christianity" (King, p. 200). It says that God's scheme of redemption was not complete until A.D. 70. According to its proponents, the final coming of Christ and the promised resurrection occurred in A.D. 70.

This doctrine has far-reaching consequences for the faith of Christians. If it is true, then…

  • All who hope in the actual, bodily, personal return of Jesus are deceived (1 Thess. 4:16);
  • 2 We cannot expect our bodies to be raised to immortality when Jesus comes (1 Cor. 15:22-23, 51-54).

Those holding the Realized Eschatology position have promoted serious error, and are guilty of overthrowing the faith of others, as were Hymenaeus and Philetus, who also said "the resurrection is past already" (2 Timothy 2:16-18). There is no middle ground; the A.D. 70 doctrine is "Realized Apostasy"!

Note:This would all be little more than a curiosity were it not for the fact that the A.D. 70 apostasy is alive and well in the Bowling Green area. It is not only a belief that is held by some locally; it is being actively taught and promoted by some among our brethren in this area.

The entire system is extremely detailed and complicated, and it would take a series of sermons and/or Bible classes to dissect it completely. What we propose to do instead is to introduce you to some of the major tenants and consequences of this dangerous false doctrine in a sermon here at Eastside tonight. Also, the March issue of Biblical Insights magazine was devoted entirely to an in-depth look at the A.D. 70 apostasy. The elders have purchased enough copies so that hopefully every family and every college student will be able to have a copy to promote further discussion and study. We hope that you will make plans to be with us tonight for this important study.—GCK

Note: The sermon referenced in this article can be downloaded here.