College Students & Parents

College Students & Parents

Do you have a student attending or planning to come to college

Our goal is to spiritually support your student as they experience college life, some away from home for the first time. As students have greater independence, responsibility and new-found freedom to make their own choices, the greatest choice that a student can make is whether they will serve the Lord or not. [Josh. 24:15, Mt. 22:37-39]

The local church serves as haven of refuge against the assaults of Satan [Eph. 4:14-16] Eastside is dedicated to providing every person a place to worship, work and grow using the Inspired word of God as our source of authority in all that we do in our service to Him. All sermons and many of our classes are posted on this website which is a great spiritual resource. Eastside is the closest congregation to campus at 1706 Smallhouse rd. and transportation is available.

Opportunities for Growth

We encourage every student to become a member at Eastside where you can work together with existing members and be knit together [Col. 2:2]  We are blessed to have a large group of students who are dedicated to providing support and encouragement to others. We provide many opportunities to learn, grow and work in God’s kingdom.

1.Bible studies- Sunday 9:25 and Wed. at 7pm. This is a planned class for college age students. You are encouraged to attend and participate in these classes, taught by experienced teachers of God’s word. These classes follow the university calendar.

2.Worship services- 10:25 and 5pm on Sunday and  worship period on Wed. night at 7pm.

3.Monthly Singing- The 3rd. Friday night of every month we gather to singing praises to God. We are joined by Christian from miles around, from several states.

4.The adopt-a-student- program encourages greater communication and involvement with the “resident” families and out existing students to help bridge the transition from home to college.

5.Every Christian is encouraged to develop their talents to serve others. Men are  used to lead in public worship. Women are given the opportunity to teach in our bible class program.

6.Individual/small groups studies are available on any bible subject and is coordinated by the elders.

There are Gospel meetings and special series throughout the year and are focused on the specific needs of the students and resident members. Please feel free to contact the elders at