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Artificial Stimulants in Worship

Would you be satisfied with the simple worship of the first century saints? What do you require to feel like you are truly worshiping God? I am afraid too many today have become addicted to artificial stimulants in their worship to make them "feel" closer to God.

I have been told by some that they preferred rock type music in their worship. For others, a praise band or a choir or a church organ makes their worship much more "spiritual" and "uplifting." Others feel that the silent periods of "traditional" worship period leave too much "down" time. Others desire that the Lord's Supper be observed and prayers be offered with some type of music going on in the background. Still others need special lighting, highly emotional or entertaining speakers, cushioned stadium seating, more age-segregated type activities, etc. Many need dramas, and "programs," emotionalism and spontaneity to find worship "engaging" enough for them. Some demand interactivity and technology, air-conditioning and a fancy church building. Others need hand-clapping, hand-raising and bodies swaying or dancing to feel closer to God. On and on the list goes.

If it takes artificial stimulants like these to make you feel like you are worshiping God, then I wonder what your worship would have felt like under first century circumstances where there is no biblical evidence that these were used in worship.

Something to think about.