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You Broke it, Now Fix It

"You broke it, now go out and fix it," was a challenge Drew Bress, New Orleans Saints' quarterback, was given after a potential career ending injury. It causes one to pause and consider, what have I broken and how can I fix it? The stories of several men and women from the Bible came to mind as examples. Let's consider a few.

Joseph, with a little help from his father, caused jealously with his brothers. Bragging about his dreams, which placed him over his older brothers, caused the brothers to sell him to Egypt as a slave. Joseph broke the relationship with his brothers. So, how did he fix it? During a time when his family needed him most, he did not bring up the past or hold a grudge. With the power he possessed he could have gotten even however; he did not choose that either. He forgave them and provided a home for his family and their families (Genesis 37, 42 - 45).

Moses resisted God's call to lead the Israelite people out of Egypt. He offered God, the creator of all, five excuses for not following His command (Genesis 3). Moses broke faith in God that He could accomplish great things through him. Did he fix it? Yes, and how! He faced Pharaoh 10 times making demands on God's behalf. He led, judged, guided, taught, chastised, and encouraged his people – all in the name of the One and Only God (Exodus).

What about David? He broke his relationship with God by sinning, broke a marriage with adultery, broke a man's future by having him killed, and broke his wife's heart with the death of his son as a result of punishment (II Samuel 11). How did he fix it? He began by listening to Nathan as he brought the sin to light (II Samuel 12). Then he acknowledged his sin, took ownership, repented and moved forward to make things right. His deep love and strong faith are recorded in many Psalms which serve as inspiration for Christians of today.

Peter did a masterful job of "breaking it." He broke his friendship and loyalty with Christ with simple yet hurtful words, "I don't know him," (Luke 22:54-62). Christ predicted it and then had to witness His friend denying Him at one of His lowest moments while on Earth. Betrayal, so painful and hurtful, words that can't be recalled. Could Peter fix it? He began with his run to the open tomb to meet Christ again. His life was dedicated to the Lord's service, beginning with the first sermon on Pentecost. He taught the Gentiles, suffered persecution and preached in many parts of his world.

You may think of Mary Magdalen, from sinner to follower of Christ, or Jacob's deception with Esau to making a peace offering or Saul's persecution of Christians to being persecuted as a Christian.

If you have ever broken friendships, opportunities to serve, wedding vows, sobriety, or dedication to God then it is in your power to fix it. May God bless you in your efforts.