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Like Lot In Sodom

First it was "homosexual." It covered both genders. That was back when there were just two genders. Then it was "gays," hijacking a good adjective and messing up a lot of old, nostalgic songs.

Then it was decided by someone I guess that homosexual or gay women needed their own label so the old word, "lesbian" was trotted out and it became "lesbians and gays."

Then it was realized that likely the majority of these actually have sex with males and females and perhaps others so they are given the label, "bi-sexual."

Then, it was apparently determined that men who think they are women and vice versa are not crazy after all and by that time we needed an acronym so it became LGBT: which seems to mean "Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender.

Recently I've been noticing that it's now become LGBTQ. Scholars disagree on what the Q stands for. Some say it means "queer" which was considered pejorative and not politically correct not too long ago. But some have been accepting the term as a badge of honor. Others say it means "questioning" which means they don't know what they are. The other day I saw the acronym in the newspaper with a couple of other initials tacked on. I meant to look it up but lost it.

But before we're through we'll have to add several more. There's "beastiality": those who have sex with animals. If you don't think there are organizations promoting this you can do a google search. (It probably wouldn't be a good idea to open any of the sites.)

There's "pedophilia." It's going to be more difficult to make that one okay because children are involved. But the age of consent is being chipped away in some states. Pedophiles like Michael Jackson are winked at by fans. And, after all, they're born that way you know, and can't help it.

There's "masochism" and sexual "sadism." Remember how wildly popular the "Fifty Shades of Gray" novels were?

There's "voyeurism" for peeping toms and porn addicts.

There are all kinds of "fetishism." These are just a few of the sexual deviances and the psychologists are not calling them that anymore.

Let's see now. That would make it LGBTQBPMSVF. You know something? The Democratic Party will be joyfully promoting every one of these. And most of the Republicans will be afraid to say anything lest they're called a hater, a bigot, and a LGBTQBPMSVFphobic.

This or something close to it will happen more quickly than we think. Christians will be like Lot in Sodom.