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Preparing for Your Jericho

When tough times come and we’re not sure how we can conquer our personal “Jericho,” let’s take some of the actions from Joshua 5 & 6 and develop a simple checklist to help ensure our priorities are in the right place.

First, we need to “look up” like Joshua did to the commander of the army of the Lord (5:13). Looking up in our context means to take our eyes off the problem for a moment and look to the solution – God. We need our first priority to be seeking God, who is the only answer to our problems.

Second, like Joshua, we need to “fall on our face” (5:14). When we understand from whom we’re seeking help – the God of heaven and earth – we understand our humble and lowly state in comparison. We must humble ourselves before God and submit to Him and His will.

Third, Joshua took his shoes off (5:15). We too need to “take off our shoes and stay awhile.” We need to spend time with God in prayer, meditation, study, etc. and not act quickly on our own. Only after we look to God, recognize our place, and understand His will is it time to “march around our city” and tackle trials, tribulations, and battles this life throws our way. The Israelites only defeated Jericho through their reliance on God; it’s the same for us today. And even if we lose battles in this life, if we’re faithful, we’ll be battle-free in the next.

- exerpt from Drawing Out: Joshua