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We Are The Church

As Christians I think we sometimes get lost in the 'day to day'.  Our membership in the Kingdom of God fulfills His plans that he made before creation and we are an intricate part of this plan.  We are a "...chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light" - 1 Peter 2:9

Too many times Christians stutter our proclamation to the world that not only is Christ our savior, but He is also our Lord and King.  Additionally, our King has set up a group of people called the church, which is us.  It is one group of people to serve him by His decree, which is learned about in one place, the Bible.  This is nothing to be shy about!  What an incredible and special opportunity to be chosen to be part of God's plan.  Too many times we (myself included) have sheepishly qualified the sign on the door that says 'church of Christ'.  Are we not those called out people; those that not only have a desire to serve God, but to also serve mankind by echoing the king's decree that he has an eternal plan for all?  We are the church of Christ, which really means the church that belongs to Christ and falls under his authority and rule.  And, He says there is no other church.

God made a plan for His church to function in complete unity, as a matter of fact he commanded it (cf. 1 Corinthians 1).  This is not only true in regards to the doctrine (teaching) of the church, but in our relationships with one another.  How can we glorify the eternal plans of the creator of the universe if we show partiality to one another or think of people as less deserving of God's saving grace?  Think of those situations over the years where brethren in Christ refuse to talk to each other over something that doesn't matter a hill of beans.  And, what about 'those conversations' we have had where we talk about someone else's short comings, maybe even sins, but never value that person enough to talk to him or her.  But yet, everyone else is talking about it?!  This is not how we celebrate our place in the church, which is God's Kingdom!  Ironically, God knew things like that would happen, but it was still part of His plan, and He expects us to do better.

Going through our daily lives we can easily get lost and feel like our role as part of God's church doesn't matter.  But, we are truly special in God's eyes.  We are part of something much bigger; eternally bigger.  It was God's plan before time began to create a kingdom of people that would stand up to the chains of the tyranny of sin, break those chains, and become not just followers, but disciples of Christ.  

Some may have read this and scoffed.  Maybe they never even read it all the way through to this point (That would make me sad :).  Some may read it and then passively go through their day without a second thought.  After all doesn't society tell us, or used to tell us, "You believe what you believe, and I'll believe what I believe."  God says different folks.  Would you not like to be part of something bigger then what you know; something bigger then your generation or even your lifetime; something that was planned for eternity? 

So, are you one of those that can say, "Amen! Thanks for putting this out there since I am part of the church God planned."  Does the place you worship follow God's plan and pattern for worship?  Do the people there make a concerted effort to follow the decrees of Christ as found only in His word, the Bible, to the best of their ability?  Do the people where you worship regard each other with the love and compassion that is only reasonably expected by the example of Christ?  Is your life patterned after Christ, the King?  

Think before you answer.  I know I have had to consider my responses to all these questions at various points in my life, and sometimes I did not like the answer.  But truth is truth, and it is up to me, and you, how we respond to truth.

Your time and patience in letting me put some thoughts out there is appreciated. Always, if you have questions let me know.

God Bless