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Can You March Without Music?

It is said that Benedict Arnold was a better general than George Washington. He was a handsomer man and a more interesting conversationalist. But he had one conspicuous weakness — he was unable to "MARCH WITHOUT MUSIC." Whenever General Benedict Arnold performed a task in a competent manner, he expected praise and acclaim, and if these were not forthcoming, he sulked and became morose.

In the hurry and scurry of the war there were times when the feats of General Arnold went unnoticed. This hurt in his most vital spot — his vanity. So he committed a terrible act — he quit his job and placed the secrets of his country in the hands of the enemy.

Many people in the world, and some of them in the Lord's church, are a lot like Benedict Arnold. If things don't go to suit them, or if they feel that they have been neglected or slighted, or that their talents are not appreciated, they sell out to the devil. It is evident that such people will not work unless they are "IN THE LIMELIGHT."

Now we all like the sweet music of applause and we should "Give honor to whom honor is due," but let's always remember when the applause does not come promptly and when people seem not to notice, the real man, the worthy man, marches on — without music.