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Theistic Evolution

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” - Genesis 1:1

Theistic evolution is the theory that Genesis 1 describes six eons of time in which God guided evolutionary processes. This is an attempt to blend God’s account of creation, as laid out in the Bible, with our modern theories of evolution and the big bang.

Problems abound with the theory of theistic evolution. One major problem is the order of events. For example: the first day. On the first day the Lord created light making evening and morning. However, the Lord didn’t create the sun, moon, and the stars, until the fourth day. In the meantime, on the third day, the Lord created vegetation, one day (eon) before the formation of the heavenly bodies. This in no way fits with the theories of evolution nor the big bang.

A second major problem with the theory of theistic evolution is that it is a foolish compromise to try to satisfy nonbelievers, and it fails that even that. Trying to manipulate and change God’s truth to satisfy people who do not believe in God is foolhardy and a misguided attempt. We should never change God’s word to try to get people to believe in it.